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With Microsoft 365 and the Appdate service plans, you manage and protect your business, improve the mobility of your teams and ensure efficient information sharing anywhere and anytime. Your business becomes more mobile, more secure and more collaborative. Microsoft delivers the tools, Appdate does the service.

We at Appdate enables all your Microsoft 365 services with 1 single services plan.

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We at Appdate enables all your Microsoft 365 services with 1 single services plan.

Get Modern Office applications: AppReady

It starts with Employee ExperienceMicrosoft 365 services deliver Modern Workplace transformations through digital experiences enabled by collaborative tools that are secured by Modern IT. Appdate’s engagement results in activating all features of this toolbox and in keeping your platform up to date. Our AppReady workload fits in whatever Plan that is best for your business.

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Enhance compliancy and build security: AppSecure

We don’t think in projects anymore. Security, protection and compliancy is an always-on matter. Whatever Plan you select, Appdate’s commitment is built around supporting your zero-trust environment and policies. We monitor, analyze and report essential security features and best practices that enable your organization to work smart and secure. The Microsoft 365 suite provides us with great functionalities, but when your requirements become more advanced, we could leverage additional 3rd party software. Secure Score is one of our common indicators.

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Adopt Teams, be mobile and drive analytics:  AppCoach

Companies that understand the Opportunity of Change, involve Appdate to onboard their human resources to the new technology. With integrated tooling and dashboards we monitor the status of the adoption and recommend best practices. We open up our online learning platform for individual readiness, and through dedicated Office Hours we keep the IT-team up to date about roadmaps, trends and releases in order to anticipate on adjustments. Employees who are comfortable with the tools and applications in their work environment are more creative, obviously more productive, and most important of all, happier.

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We at Appdate enables all your Microsoft 365 services with 1 single services plan.

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