Digital transformation is a balance between realising and inspiring, between controlling and letting go. Successful business leaders and modern IT teams understand this relationship very well and count on AppSafe to manage and automate their Microsoft systems and cloud services.

What does AppSafe do?

  • A permanent IT improvement program with personal guidance
  • A self-service or customized service that makes your Microsoft licenses pay for themselves
  • An online alarm and monitoring system for your office applications
  • A cockpit module that easily automates your IT tasks
  • A SAAS platform that stimulates your employees to work in an efficient manner
  • A fixed price per month per user
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Why AppSafe?

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What do our customers say about us?


Microsoft 365 is a fantastic product that, in addition to the familiar office applications, offers a wide range of functionalities that are relevant to the modern workplace. However, it is not easy to actually implement all these functionalities within our organisation, especially as new ones are added regularly. For us, Appdate is therefore the key to unlocking the full value of Microsoft 365. The tools and reports of Appdate provide clear insights which we can use to set to work ourselves, and Rember and his team are always ready with extra personal guidance where necessary.

Dieter Verlaeckt
CIO Bru Group