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Choosing for Appdate requires a mind shift about IT services, project business, partnership and success. We realize that our business model disrupt the whole partner ecosystem, but that is okay. Your success is the only thing that matters. In close collaboration with traditional and well-established partners, and some close CIO’s we decided to rethink the whole engagement model. In the new times with permanent threat level and accelerating life cycles businesses expect another kind of partnership. Classic partners offer projects and disappear until the next event. This is not how you manage transformation or install a culture of security. In addition to our unique approach we include. If your IT staff is ready to actively participate in the journey only than we can maximize our value. Together with your team we will transform your company, the internal IT will be advised, trained on the job and supported to make things happen. This creates unseen synergy, great learning, cost-efficiency and benefits of IT2B. 

However, it was not an easy exercise, but we succeed to develop a next-gen model to respond to the new demands of this era. With our managed services plans we drive efficiency, automatization, worry-free management and predictive maintenance at another level.  There are no customer segments in our perception. All users are equal and we love to address your needs and plans in a very pragmatic way. That’s us. That’s Appdate. 

Last but not least, our long and broad experiences can be great value if you want us to support you in your contract negotiations with your software vendor.

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We at Appdate enables all your Microsoft 365 services with 1 single services plan.

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