Customer case: Aluminium Duffel

Customer story voor microsoft ondersteuning door Appdate

About Aluminium Duffel

Aluminium Duffel is a company specialising in the production of aluminium semi-finished products for the automotive and industrial sectors. While their products are used in various applications, their main focus lies in the automotive industry, with major clients such as Audi and Tesla. With approximately one thousand employees, it operates primarily from their headquarters in Duffel, Belgium, with a few remote side offices in locations like Milan and Germany.


The collaboration between Appdate and Aluminium Duffel began when they encountered challenges with their Microsoft licenses and sought assistance from another company. Appdate played a crucial role in resolving the licensing issues. Since then, they have become their go-to contact for anything related to Microsoft.

With a dedicated IT team of 20 people, Aluminium Duffel relies on their expertise to navigate the complexities of Microsoft solutions and ensure they have the right tools and licenses for their needs.


Initially, the collaboration focused on licensing discussions and finding the most suitable Microsoft applications for Aluminium Duffel. However, Rember, the CEO of Appdate, introduced them to their program Appsafe, to help optimise license usage and provide valuable insights into security and reporting allowing them to identify unused licenses and potential areas for improvement, enhancing both efficiency and security within their Microsoft environment.

The partnership involves regular monthly meetings, during which they are presented with a detailed report. These reports highlight key performance indicators (KPIs) and provide valuable recommendations for improvement. Additionally, they discuss upcoming goals and initiatives, ensuring a proactive approach to their Microsoft environment.

Appdate’s assistance has been instrumental during significant transitions, such as the carve-out when Aluminium Duffel was acquired by another company. In this process, they needed to rebuild their Microsoft infrastructure from scratch. Appdate’s extensive network enabled them to connect Aluminium Duffel with the right partners who could facilitate this rapid transition, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome. The trust and confidence in Appdate’s ability to understand their specific needs have made them an integral part of Aluminium Duffel’s IT strategy.

While their involvement is primarily focused on Microsoft solutions, they also provide guidance and recommendations beyond specific requests such us keeping a close eye on Microsoft’s latest offerings and proactively suggesting tools or applications that could benefit the company, acting as trusted advisors in their technological journey.


Looking ahead, Aluminium Duffel plans to continue their collaboration with Appdate. As they navigate the vast world of Microsoft solutions, they find great value in having a partner like Appdate to guide them and maintain a comprehensive overview of their Microsoft environment.



The IT solutions engineer and first/second-line coordinator at Aluminium Duffel shares that their collaboration with Appdate has been outstanding. From managing licenses to facilitating rapid transitions and providing guidance, Appdate has consistently demonstrated professionalism and expertise. The IT director fully supports the collaboration and recognizes the value it brings to their company.

“Rember is someone who makes you feel good and is very sincere. I really see Rember more as an extension of us, helping where we need him. The trust is really there.”

“Once you go down that Microsoft road, that’s such a big world. It’s very helpful for us to be able to work with a company like Appdate to keep an overview. We are definitely going to continue working with Rember and his team in the future.”

As Aluminium Duffel continues to rely on Microsoft technologies, they appreciate the personal and trustworthy approach of Appdate. With Rember’s involvement, they have confidence in their Microsoft solutions and can focus on maintaining a smooth and efficient IT environment, thanks to the ongoing collaboration with Appdate.



Customer case: Brutex

About Bru Textiles

Bru Textiles is a leading company in the textile converter industry that serves
international clients and partners around the world.


As a B2B company, Bru relies on Microsoft solutions to enhance their internal operations and communication. Bru also manages IT services for several global partners. Their software philosophy is “Microsoft first” leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft offerings and partnering with Appdate to explore the full potential of these solutions.

Their IT team embraces the Microsoft ecosystem, utilizing various applications and security features provided by Microsoft. They have obtained the ISO 27001 certification for security, a testament to their commitment to data protection. Working closely with Appdate, they ensure that their Microsoft environment aligns with their security goals.

Collaboration with Appdate

The collaboration between Bru and Appdate has been built on trust and
understanding, with Appdate providing valuable insights and recommendations
tailored to Brutex’s requirements:

  • Optimise license usage and in-depth insights into license utilization.
    By analysing license usage patterns, Bru can allocate them more efficiently, downgrade or upgrade as needed.
  • Support through monthly meetings where they discuss the reports generated.
  • These meetings serve as an opportunity for Appdate to provide guidance and recommendations based on the insights gathered.

This proactive approach ensures continuous improvement and allows Brutex to focus on their long-term goals.

Conventional business relationship and outcome

The collaboration between Brutex and Appdate goes beyond a conventional business relationship. The transparency and open communication between the two companies have fostered a deep sense of trust, considering Appdate an invaluable asset to their organization.
Looking ahead, Bru Textiles is focused on adopting Microsoft’s zero-trust model, and Appdate expertise and advice play a crucial role in this process. The upcoming workshops aim to align everyone’s vision and address key action points. These workshops will cover various aspects, including security and the applications within Office 365, allowing Brutex to leverage the full potential of their Microsoft ecosystem.

Words of appreciation

Brutex highly recommends Appdate to other businesses, highlighting the
personalized approach and commitment to long-term growth. Appdate’s expertise and ability to understand each company’s unique requirements set them apart from traditional consulting firms. They focus on empowering their clients, ensuring they make informed decisions and offering ongoing support to enhance their businesses. 


“Appdate is not just a consulting company; they aim to make us stronger and improve our company in the long run. Appdate truly becomes part of our company and provides valuable insights.”

“We have confidence in Appdate’s advice and look forward to the workshops to implement the zero trust model and optimize our Microsoft organization.”



Bru is confident that their partnership with Appdate will continue to bring value in the long run. They appreciate Rember’s constant effort to identify growth opportunities and solutions for their organization. With Appdate´s ongoing support and guidance, Bru is well-positioned to achieve their goals and drive innovation in the textile industry.