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Choosing for Appdate requires a mind shift about IT services, project business, partnership and success. We realize that our business model disrupt the whole partner ecosystem, but that is okay. Your success is the only thing that matters. In collaboration with traditional and well-established partners, and some close CIO’s we decided to rethink the whole engagement model. In the new times with permanent threat level and accelerating life cycles businesses expect another kind of partnership.

Classic partners offer projects and disappear until the next event. This is not how you manage transformation or install a culture of security. In addition to our unique approach we include. If your IT staff is ready to actively participate in the journey only than we can maximize our value. Together with your team we will transform your company, the internal IT will be advised, trained on the job and supported to make things happen. This creates unseen synergy, great learning, cost-efficiency and benefits of IT2B.

However, it was not an easy exercise, but we succeed to develop a next-gen model to respond to the new demands of this era. With our managed, or better ‘Modern’ service plans we drive efficiency, automatization, worry-free management and predictive maintenance at another level.  There are no customer segments in our perception. All users are equal and we love to address your needs and plans in a very pragmatic way. That’s us. That’s Appdate.

Last but not least, our long and broad experiences can be great value if you want us to support you in your contract negotiations with your software vendor.

It starts with the Employee Experience. Microsoft 365 services deliver Modern Workplace transformations through digital experiences enabled by collaborative tools that are secured by Modern IT. If you really want to unlock the potential of your workplace by empowering employees to express their ideas and spark innovation on any device – PC, phone, Hub, mixed reality, then you meet us.

The Appdate’s services and partner team is trained and equipped to deliver end to end deployments for Microsoft 365. We roll out according to the Microsoft’s enterprise foundation infrastructure framework, and agree with you upon the most appropriate project management strategy. This well documented and standardized methodology allows us to engage other specialized consultants, if required, or to plug-in FastTrack services. 

There is no need to pick and choose for budget or adoption reasons, our approach focusses on all what your Microsoft subscription offers. The preferred project planning enables your users to adopt at their own pace the new technology and explore their new workplace. Classroom training or extensive learning cycles are a thing of the past.

When we talk Managed Security, we don’t think in projects anymore. Security, protection and compliancy is an always-on matter. Break and fix or a bi-monthly external consultant on site is not the most adequate scenario. We believe you rather need a holistic approach that extends throughout the entire digital estate – it serves as an integrated security philosophy and an end-to-end strategy. Appdate does this by implementing Zero Trust controls and technologies across your six foundational elements:

  • Identities
  • Devices
  • Networks
  • Infrastructure
  • Applications
  • Data

Each of these six foundational elements serves as a source of the signal, a control pane for enforcement, and a critical resource to defend. With our internal multi-engine platform we monitor and report the health of your investments across each of these elements for maximum protection.

Companies that understand the Opportunity of Change, onboard their human resources to the new technology. Thanks to our partnership with CoreView® we deeply support the transition from:

  • Management to Delegation
  • Detection to Response
  • Usage to Adoption
  • People-Ready to Tech-intensity

With integrated tooling and dashboards we monitor the status of the adoption and report about recommendations and best practices. An online learning platform can be accessed for individual readiness. Through dedicated Office Hours and CIO-level briefings we keep our customers up to date about roadmaps, trends and releases in order to anticipate on adjustments.

The set of services that enables all layers of your organization to embrace the innovation Microsoft and Appdate brings to you is bundled in our AppSafe programs. 

Employees who are comfortable with the tools and applications in their work environment are more creative, obviously more productive, and most important of all happier. This is in the end all what we want.