How transformation offices help tech-enabled transformations succeed


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Effective transformation offices can help organizations combine technical know-how with “soft” capabilities.

The failure rate of corporate transformation efforts is startlingly high: 70 percent of transformations (both tech-enabled and conventional) fall short of their goals.1 If conventional transformations are difficult, the tech-enabled kind—which use technology in innovative, comprehensive ways to improve business results—are even more complex. Tech-enabled transformations often bring unfamiliar technologies and processes into the working lives of almost everyone at a company. Leaders must manage this upheaval while maintaining focus on shared goals.

But the typical workforce lacks the critical mass of technology skills that can help smooth and sustain a tech-enabled transformation. Even when technologies are in place, too many of companies’ processes remain stuck in the pre-transformation world, to say nothing of the disconnect that remains between IT and systems groups and the rest of the business. It turns out that a tech-enabled transformation also requires a shift in workforce capabilities and ways of working…

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